Hello World! I’m Greg”


These are the roles and priotities in my life!

And then there is photography… It started as a hobby, to keep a record of personal joyful memories. For me, life is all about these happy moments that happen in everyday life. As simple as the smile I get from my little boy when I walk into his room to pick him up after a nap, a family walk on a sunny day or just seeing people that are close to my heart. The simple pleasures…

It was my other half who infected me with her passion for photography! I had the pleasure to second shoot almost 40 weddings with her before I even started to thinking about photographing my own weddings! It gave me the experience and confidence to be able to do what I love and capture one of the most amazing days in people’s lives! I love taking photos, I love being a Wedding Photographer, it makes me feel extremely privileged to be the storyteller of a couple’s Special Day! It gives me the energy to be in the right place at the right time,  photographing people, emotion,  and all these little details that make every wedding day so incredible and unique!