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These are the roles and priotities in my life!

And then there is photography… It started as a hobby, to keep a record of personal joyful memories. For me, life is all about these happy moments that happen in everyday life. As simple as the smile I get from my little boy when I walk into his room to pick him up after a nap, a family walk on a sunny day or just seeing people that are close to my heart. The simple pleasures...

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I’m Greg! Or as I like to call myself... a modern-day hippie. I love nature, wildlife, and all the spectacular views our environment offers. From cityscapes to the rolling hills of the countryside, I can’t help but pick out the beauty from wherever I am. I love my amazing partner in crime, Vicki, who I raise two gorgeous children with… oh! and don’t forget the Kaji the chameleon!

I also love shooting weddings!

I work hard to get you the best set of photos from your day. My approach is mostly documentary style where I capture natural and unposed moments of you and your guests. At some point during your wedding day, and as to take up as little time as possible, I love to get a few formal/group photographs of you and your family. I take these photos as swiftly as possible so that you can get back to the party and have some fun with your family and friends; and after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

My little family

Let me introduce you to my squad, the most amazing people that I get to call my family.

GK Photography - Hampshire Wedding Photographer
Greg's Family
Family Photo - GK Photography
GK Photography, photo of the kids

I can proudly say that my couples are my friends and I feel privileged to get to know them. From the first email and call, right the way through to being a part of the wedding day. So send me an email introducing yourself!