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Your Wedding Day consists of moments. Amazing, epic, and awesome moments, may I add. Whether it’s your Dad’s look when he sees you for the first time or that little smile to your future husband as you’re walking down the aisle. The moment you well up while exchanging vows or hearing words of warmth and love from the people you hold closest. I would be honoured to capture these fleeting, split-second moments from your Wedding Day, for you to view, and cherish, forever.    

Wedding in Ufton Court, Rainy wedding photo in Ufton Court


I love the unconventional approach. The little things that can ‘spice up’ your already awesome Wedding Day. How about brightly coloured smoke bombs? Of course. Lousy weather? No problem. Just an excuse to have some umbrella fun! Even after the sun has gone down, fairy lights or even the stars can create something unique and special about your evening wedding photographs.

Maybe you have some ideas? No matter how crazy or insignificant your idea may seem, we can work together and make your photo fantasy happen.


If I had to describe my style in three words, I’d say ‘natural, creative, storytelling’. I pride myself on being easy going, someone who will blend in amongst your family and friends. It allows me to capture both the funny and intimate moments between guests on your Wedding Day in an unobtrusive manner. If you would like advice or guidance, like during your portrait photos, I can offer you plenty, but don’t fear! I will not boss you around or interfere in your wedding day.

So although you may not notice me, you can trust that I will be there, collecting the best set of images to bring the story of your wedding, to life.


I start photographing your day a few hours before the ceremony, documenting the buzz of getting ready, and as you prepare to say those magic words – “I do.” The shooting continues in the background of the whole day, right through until an hour after your first dance.

I want to tell the story of your Wedding Day through a collection of beautiful images. Whether in one year or twenty, I want you to be able to look at the photos and relive the thrill and excitement of, Your Wedding Day.