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Limpley Stoke Hotel Wedding / E+R

Rich and Elodie’s Wedding

Today’s wedding takes us to Limpley Stoke Hotel in Bath. The venue is situated on a hillside overlooking the Limpley Stoke Valley and the peaceful homes surrounding it. The hotel was large, with typical Georgian architecture. Just a few minutes away was the City of Bath, known for its rich Roman and Georgian influence and history, very much a theme in Rich and Elodie’s wedding.  

Elodie wore a wedding dress reminiscent of the 1920’s. Her bridesmaids wore deep red dresses with bouquets of red roses to match while Elodie had a nude makeup look, with a bright red lip. The couple had hired a 1940’s Bentley; She looked like a femme fatale from a movie classic!

The ceremony took place in the Temple of Minerva in Royal Victoria Country Park, one of Bath’s botanical gardens. The temple was built to be like a Roman bath house, with grand arches, windows and tiles. It was set into the botanical gardens, surrounded by vibrant trees and shrubbery.


There were too many guests to fit everyone inside the temple, so the arch doors were opened and seats were set outside, facing the arches where the couple were married. Emotions were high and many of the guests shed a tear while watching the ceremony take place. After signing the documents, the couple went outside where guests blew bubbles instead of throwing confetti – a great way to make your wedding different!

Limpley Stoke Hotel Wedding

I took the couple aside for some photographs in the gardens. It was a bright sunny day and the gardens were thick and lush so we got some great photographs before heading back to the hotel.


The couple suggested that on the way back, we stopped by the Royal Crescent, which was such an awesome location for photos. I love all the suggestions like this one! 


Back at Limpley Stoke Hotel the guests mingled before sitting down for the wedding breakfast. We took group photos overlooking the Limpley Stoke Valley and took a few couple photos. Elodie is originally from France and had family flying over to attend the wedding. Elodie’s French brother took the first speech and wrote it on a huge board in English. The groom and best man had a friend who was translating their speeches into French as well so that everyone could enjoy and was included!


After the speeches, I took the couple outside to capture some of the last daylight photos against the rolling hills of the valley. The colours were so vibrant! Finally, the first dance began and the guests partied on the dance floor. Who knew Donald Trump would turn up!? 😉


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Suppliers :

Wedding Venue – Limpley Stoke Hotel

Flowers – The Flower Cabin – https://www.the-flower-cabin.co.uk/

Wedding Cake – The Duke of Cakes – http://www.the-duke-of-cakes.co.uk/

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