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Luke and Kelly’s Snow Wedding in Ufton Court

Snow Wedding in Ufton Court

The UK’s weather can be tricky at the best of times, you all know what I mean. Start the day in flip-flops and end the day in a hooded coat. This wedding was no stranger to that strange weather. It was March and snow settled around De Vere Wokefield House where Kelly, the bride, was having fun getting ready. Her bridesmaids and family were all finishing their hair and makeup and sipping on bubbly. I noticed the bridesmaids dresses all hanging in a row and couldn’t help but admire the warming colour compared to the bitter cold from outside. They were a peach, orange fizz type colour that draped all the way down to the floor. The dresses were light and flowing. When everyone had done their beauty regime, they all gathered around to reveal the bride and her beautiful white wedding dress. It dipped low at the back and rose high at the front with net detailing up by her collar.
The guests arrived at the snow wedding in Ufton Court. Luke, the groom, greeted all the guests and made the finishing touches for Kelly’s arrival. Everyone was mingling and having a great time! The barn was intimate and had ivy across the walls, peach orbs of light hanging from the roof, candles lighting the aisle and fairy lights hung on the wooden frame. Before the guests chose their seat, a sweet message was written on a chalkboard saying “Pick a seat either side. You’re loved by both the Groom and Bride.”The couple exchanged vows in front of family and friends and made their way outside where they had confetti thrown all over them! I took the couple aside for some couple portraits whilst having a wander around the rest of the Victorian grounds. The buildings were made of red brick and big tall windows lit the symmetrical rooms. They returned to their family and friends and although the weather was a little chilly, the spirits of the guests were not dampened. Time for the Wedding Breakfast!The guests all entered back into the barn, now in the style of a dining area. The cake was at one end of the barn, decorated with pastel orange, peach, cream, and muted blue icing roses. There were shiny-gold icing-droplets dripping down the side of the cake, yum!


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The wedding speeches were hilarious and definitely made quite a lot of people embarrassed. That’s part of the fun of being a wedding photographer. I can capture those moments when people are reminded of funny… or cringey… memories!Nothing was stopping the snow, mind you! It started to snow more and more so the wedding party took the chance to have some fun. The guests played and posed in the snow until it was time to cut the cake and to watch the first dance. The couple danced underneath the orbs of light that were now cycling through the rainbow, from orange to green, pink and then blue.When the couple had finished their dance, the party began! I took group photographs of the guests as they boogied their way through the rest of the evening. The snow became heavier and heavier so as to end the evening, I took the couple outside to capture the last few moments of their snow wedding at Ufton Court.
Snow Wedding in Ufton Court
“I was really open to wedding dress styles as i have never tried a wedding dress on before. I didn’t want anyone but both mum’s to see or know what my dress looked like so it was a surprise for everyone on our wedding day. I went to 1 wedding shop in Caversham called Something Old Something New. This was going to be my starting shopping as they had a sale on and sold sample dresses so i thought i might find a bargain here and if not could go to a normal wedding shop to order a dress. On the day it was both mum’s and I who went to the dress shop. the staff were amazing and i was excited to try dresses on. we pulled 8 dresses to try that were a mixture of shapes and colours, however the first one i picked i really  liked as it was champagne colour and looked unusual. I tried the champagne dress on first and had a huge smile on my face, i loved it straight away! I continued to try on the rest of the dresses and the mum’s liked the champagne dress and a similar dress in white. They asked me which i liked and if any were “the one” and i said the champagne dress which was the first one i found and tried on! My dress was A line champagne colour with lace on the top and an open back.
On my wedding day i felt amazing, the dress fitted like a glove and was so comfortable. i was excited for my bridesmaids to see it and they all loved it. everyone complimented me on the dress and how well it suited me. even in the snow my dress was great to wear and i didn’t care how cold i would get i wanted all my photos to see the beauty of the dress.”
Snow Wedding in Ufton CourtSnow Wedding in Ufton CourtSnow Wedding in Ufton CourtSnow Wedding in Ufton CourtSnow Wedding in Ufton CourtSnow Wedding in Ufton Court
“I also loved making our own signs. Luke cut a board and painted them with blackboard paint. i then did a sign for telling people to sit any side and a time line of the day events.A last minute hack was using a wicked box we had at home and filling it with £1.50 fleece blankets from IKEA. we stuck a sign in front to say keep warm on a cut log we had space from the table displays”
Snow Wedding in Ufton CourtSnow Wedding in Ufton CourtSnow Wedding in Ufton CourtSnow Wedding in Ufton CourtNight Wedding Portrait

Suppliers List :

2nd Photographer – Alex from Menzies Photography

Makeup & Hair – Hollie Clarke

Lighting: – Oakwood Events

Florist: – Longacres

Cake: – Happy CCC

Snow Wedding in Ufton Court – GK Photography

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