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Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and groom are smiling while holding colourful smoke bombs

Northbrook Park Wedding | Toby + Abbie

Northbrook Park Wedding

Ok, where do I start with this awesome Love Story? Let’s start from the beginning. Toby and Abbie tied the knot at the beautiful Northbrook Park and their wedding had it all! A full spectrum of emotions – from tears of joy to hysterical laughter. A loving and caring family that supported them from the very start of their amazing day. And let’s not forget about the awesome wedding party who celebrated with Toby and Abbie until the very late night!

Northbrook Park Wedding, photo of the venue Northbrook Park Wedding - photo of the wedding dress and shoes. Dress is hanged on the top frame of the bed
It was a beautiful day for a wedding. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the temperature was just right. Toby and Abbie said their “I do’s” at Northbrook Park in Surrey in front of their family and friends. Emotions were high as they declared their love for each other with tears of joy streaming down their faces. After the ceremony, they celebrated with an amazing reception that included heartfelt speeches, lots of laughter, and positive vibes throughout the night. Read on to learn more about Toby and Abbie’s special day!
Northbrook Park Wedding - bride is putting lipstick on in fron of the mirror Northbrook Park Wedding - bride is sat down on the bed Northbrook Park Wedding - father of the bride looks at one of the groomsmen Northbrook Park Wedding - groom and father of the bride are looking at each other, smiling. they both hold a glass of champagne in their hand
Northbrook Park is a Grade II listed building located in Farnham, Surrey. The venue has stunning views of the countryside and is known for its beautiful gardens and historic architecture. The house provides a relaxed atmosphere that made it perfect for Toby and Abbie’s wedding celebration. They chose to have both the ceremony and reception at this stunning venue, which provided them with plenty of photo opportunities throughout the day.
Toby and Abbie’s ceremony was filled with emotion as they exchanged vows in front of their closest family and friends. They chose readings that represented their relationship perfectly, which tugged at everyone’s heartstrings. After saying “I do”, they enjoyed spending time with their guests before heading into the reception hall for dinner and dancing.
Northbrook Park Wedding - photo of the ceremony room Northbrook Park Wedding - bride is walking down the aisle with her dad and mom bride and her dad are holding hands in an emtional moment. Dad is about to give her daughter away to her husband to be Northbrook Park Wedding - dad is putting her daughter's hand into the hand of the groom as symbol of giving her daughter away Northbrook Park Wedding - groom is putting a ring on her fiance's finger, exchange of rings Northbrook Park Wedding - bride is putting the ring on her fiance's finger Northbrook Park Wedding - first kiss as husband and wife Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and groom are walking down the aisle as husband and wife Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and groom are walking out of the door to have confetti thrown at them. they are both smiling Northbrook Park Wedding - confetti photo. bride and groom are walking as their guests throw confetti at them
Toby and Abbie had an incredible reception at Northbrook Park that included heartfelt speeches from family members that moved everyone to tears, followed by lots of laughter as friends shared funny stories about Toby or Abbie from over the years. They also had an amazing first dance song that perfectly encapsulated what it means to be in love—it even brought tears to some eyes! After dinner was finished, everyone hit up the dance floor where they danced until late into the night surrounded by positive energy!
Northbrook Park Wedding - photo of the room where the wedding breakfast will be served Northbrook Park Wedding - wooden frame with name of the bride and groom. their wedding guests can write a little message on it (congratulating them). there are too big white baloons on each side Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and groom enter the room. groom is holding a glass in his hand. they are both smiling

Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer

T+A also shared their wedding planning experience, so if you need some wedding inspo – here it is!

The style, theme and overall vibe of the wedding.
In terms of our style, we wanted something quite minimalist and natural so very neutral colours, natural floral arrangements, and hints of colours such as gold and pinks were used to achieve this. We wanted our wedding to be very chilled and relaxed.
Number one piece of advice for brides and grooms just starting to plan their wedding?
The most important thing to remember is that it is your day, focus on what you as a couple want and forget about others opinions. It is so important to make sure that you sort out your venue and guest list first, try to get guest lists completed and confirmed as soon as possible, this will make things a lot less stressful and easier as a lot of other things e.g. food, dj etc will ask you for the number of guests attending.
The dress, from buying it to how you felt in it on the da
Buying my dress was the easiest part!!! I felt amazing in the dress for the day, however, I bought two dresses as the actual dress was quite heavy. It is an idea for the bride to have two dresses and also two different pairs of shoes, this will make your day a lot more comfortable.

Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and groom are having a kiss. they are stood at the front of the white door Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and groom are walking, holding hands and looking at each other Northbrook Park Wedding - wedding portrait photo. bride is looking at her husband, smiling, you can see the back of grooms head

The most memorable moment of your wedding 
The most memorable moment of my wedding for me was all of the prep, the build up to the actual time that you get married is very very long or feels very long so make the most of the morning before the ceremony. Also the end of the evening when it was all over, me and Toby took some time just us to take it all in, look at the venue and what we had achieved. The day goes so quickly so i would recommend taking some time just the bride and groom.
Favourite DIY wedding hack.
Do as much on your own as you can, there are some simple things that you can do to make life easier, for our wedding we made our own donut wall, mirror seating plan, place cards etc.
The highlight of the Day? 
The photographer!!!! You really did make the difference to our day.
How did you choose your awesome vendors that made your Wedding Day extra special? 
Amazing photographer was recommended, most of the vendors were either found by looking at the pre-approved list of vendors given to us by the venue and also used Bark, an online tool you can use to see what time of services are in the local area on your date. Be organised and keep on top of emails and calls from people as it can get so so busy.
bride and groom are cuddled up, looking at each other. she is holding a boquet of flowers i her hand. Northbrook Park Wedding - photo of the bride. she is holing flowers in both of her hands Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and her dad are having a hug Northbrook Park Wedding - bride is giving father a the groom a hug Northbrook Park Wedding - best man's speech Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and groom are having a hug. you can see dad's smiling Northbrook Park Wedding - groom is having a cheer with his friend Northbrook Park Wedding - bride and groom are cutting a cake. husband gives her wife a kiss on a cheek Northbrook Park Wedding Northbrook Park Wedding -

All in all, Toby and Abbie had an amazing wedding day filled with emotions from start to finish! From tearful vows during the ceremony to heartfelt speeches during dinner to dancing throughout the night—it was truly a day to remember! Thank you guys for having me there, I had lots of fun <3


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Wedding Suppliers

Venue – Northbrook Park

The Cake –  Verity Rose  https://www.verityrosecakes.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_veh8rOr4wIViK3tCh3mxw4AEAAYASAAEgJkrvD_BwE
The DJ – Rick at Arrow Entertainment http://arrowentertainment.co.uk/
Florist – Rhubarb and Bramley https://rhubarbandbramley.co.uk/
Dress shop Krystle Brides Bath http://www.krystlebrides.co.uk/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhauwkLWr4wIV1vhRCh03bgPpEAAYASAAEgJmVPD_BwE


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